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Monday, March 25, 2013

Decorating Around Speakers

I can't believe it's almost Easter and we have snow.  Crazy weather in PA this year.

When I'm cooped up in the house, I find little things that bug me and ways to fix them.  This time it was my husbands speakers.  You see, he likes his surround sound so we have several speakers in our living room.
I wasn't liking how they just stuck out and wanted to hide them in some way if I could.
One of the speakers was on a little stand in between the love seat and the sofa table.
I thought, it would be real easy to put it on one of the sofa table shelves and decorate around it, you know to camouflage it.

Of course, it wasn't that easy.  The speaker was a tad bit too tall to slip under the lip of the table and onto the shelf.  But I didn't let that stop me.  After measuring to make sure it would fit once it was on the shelf, I took the table apart, slipped in the speaker and put the table back together.

Now it's off the floor and ready to blend into its surroundings.

See, you can hardly notice it, right?

OK, so the Babes photo-bombed my shot, let's try again:

I don't have a lot of home decor items as you can tell.  I had these books in our bookcases that I moved to the playroom (you can read about that here), so I had to find another place for the books and this was the next best choice.  Under that shelf are some baskets I picked up for $5 at a yard sale.  One houses our Wii , one is for our Playstation 3 games, and one is for diapers and wipes (makes diaper changes easy when what I need is where we play the most).  Anyway, I think the speaker is looking less like an eye sore now.  If only I could disguise the other speakers in the room.  Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one.

Anyone else try to decorate around or disguise their stereo speakers?
How about using them as end tables or side tables?  My husband knows I'm just kidding, well sort of.

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