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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Organizing A Crazy Shaped Closet

Becky over at Organizing Made Fun does an OMF to the Rescue every now and again.

This time, she's helping me organize my crazy shaped master bathroom closet -- it's a trapezoid shape.

I was able to organize the bottom of the closet using baskets to store some extra toiletry supplies....

...but I couldn't figure out a good way to organize those oddly shaped shelves.

I attempted to organize it by grouping like items together into bins and shoe boxes, but it just wasn't working.  Things were still hard to get too.

Check out Becky's post HERE to see what great ideas she gave me.
Thanks Becky for your suggestions.  Can't wait to implement them.  I'll definitely be getting a lazy susan to put into the backs of the shelves.

Anyone else have an oddly shaped closet?  How did you organize it?

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