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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shelf FAIL

Since turning the unused breakfast room into a playroom, I've taken the Babes' toys out of her shared bedroom and put them into the new playroom.  You can see more about that HERE and HERE.

That freed up this little corner of the Babe's and Spencinator's room.   You can see more of their shared bedroom HERE.

 I moved his keyboard back to that corner and thought I'd add some shelves above it.

I found an inexpensive solution at Ikea and was going to try to incorporate the industrial look with the silver brackets on the end.  I followed the picture directions in the instructions and was doing great.  Well, not so great considering I have a big hole in the wall where the dry wall anchor went right through, but you can't see it.  However, after I put the shelf in, I noticed something odd.

Can you see it?

My shelf is not thick enough so the brackets have some extra room in them.
I could go back to Ikea and get new shelves, but that would be more money and time since Ikea is about 2 hours from our house.  I was planning to paint the shelves anyway which is why I bought the cheap unfinished kind.  It never occurred to me that they were different thicknesses.

I might just have to go to plan B and get a desk with a hutch to cover up my mess.  That what worked in Sweetie Pie's room (I'll have to share that story for another time).

I joked with my husband that I'm making our house a home one DIY disaster at a time. 
Anyone else cover up their DIY mistakes?  Please share your stories, I need ideas.

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