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Friday, May 31, 2013

Homemade Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes

Father's Day is coming up.  Stay tuned next week, I'll have several posts loaded with gift ideas.

The other day my mother in law made a dessert, something she just decided to whip up and not really following a recipe.  As I was eating it, I kept thinking that this tastes like something I've had before.  After a quick online search, I found out what she had made:

Kandy Kakes are made by the TastyKake Company.   I've lived on the east coast my whole life, so I didn't realize that TastyKakes were only sold on the east coast.  I suppose there are some other brands out there that make similar goodies for the rest of the USA.   You can find out more about the TastyKake version HERE.

As for how my mother in law made our homemade version, it was pretty simple.

1.  Make a jelly roll.  
She just followed THIS recipe out of our Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.  She did not add any jelly to this, just made the roll part.

2.  Spread on peanut butter.
After the roll had cooled, she spread a generous amount of peanut butter on top.

3.  Melt the chocolate.
She mixed some chocolate chips with a little bit of oil and melted them in the microwave.  She didn't measure but I think she used about 1 cup of chips.

4.  Spread on the chocolate
Then she spread the melted chocolate on top of the peanut butter and let cool.

We cut them into squares and had plenty to eat over the next couple of days.

Anyone ever have the TastyKake version of these?

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