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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

T-Shirt Tote

Sweetie Pie saw THIS article in the May edition of the Friend magazine (a children's magazine published by our church) about how to make a T-Shirt tote.  It was written as something to make for mom for mother's day but since that time has passed, Sweetie Pie had a different idea.  

She has a shirt she loves but has gotten too small.  Lucky for her I hadn't gotten rid of it yet.  We followed the simple instructions (with a little modification) to make our own T-Shirt Tote.

1.  First I cut off the sleeves and neck

2.  Then I sewed up the bottom rather than make fringe and adding beads as suggested in the article, because it seemed easier.   I sewed over the bottom seams twice for added strength.

3.  I also sewed across the corners at a right angle so that the bottom of the bag has more depth and is not so flat.

And here's the finished bag.  To dress it up you could add a pocket or trim around the handles, but for now this will do.

I  made this while Sweetie Pie was at school and surprised her with it when she got home.
Here she is with her new favorite bag.

This was so easy to make, that I decided to make one for the Spencinator later that night.

Anyone else make a T-shirt tote?  How did yours turn out?

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