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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Father's Day Printables and Photo ideas

Father's Day is in 2 weeks.  I've got a few ideas for what I'd like to do, but in case you need some inspiration I've put together some ideas I've found via Pinterest and other blogs.  Today I'll be sharing some cute printables, cards and photo ideas.  Check back later in the week to see some more clever gift ideas.

Here are a bunch of quotes that would look great on a canvas, as a card, printed out in vinyl on a tile, etc...

And for the Star Wars fan:

I love this simple quote and photo display.   Check out how Shanty2Chic made it HERE.

Here's something special just for Grandpa:

Questionnaires are a great way to get to know what your kids really think about Dad.  The answers can be quite entertaining.  It would be cute to do this every year and see how their answers change.

I know this one is hard to read, but some of the cute questions are "What makes Daddy the best" and "Where did you and Daddy meet".  Pink Peppermint has also created a Granddad version you can check out HERE.    
Daddodil Design created this 'All About Dad' Father's Day printable which they framed and embellished with some homemade bunting.

 Eighteen25 made a special keepsake book all about 'The Best Dad in the World'.

TwoGirlzStuff took a picture of her kids holding up a 'We love daddy' sign to create a cool image.  Scroll to the bottom of the post and read the comments to find out how she did it.  It's easier than it looks.  You just cut the words out normally on a pice of paper but hold it upside down and backwards so it reads correct in the shadow.  We did this last year, check it out HERE.
Here's another cute photo idea.  Since I did the one above last year, I think I'll try to do this one this year.
Check out how Kim created this picture over at The Celebration Shoppe

Amy from Positively Splendid made this cute photo collage with her kids.  She explains how she created the collage using Picasa.

This craft is similar to the Mother's Day craft I made for my Mom and Mother in law last year.  It was a big hit with them so I'm sure this version will be a big hit with the Dad's and Grandpa's out there too.

(image source)

And this card/printable is similar to the card I made for my mom and mother in law this year.

Here's a cute canvas project for Dad.
Click on over to Roots and Wings to get the full tutorial.
You could easily add more kid's hands to the picture, or make the hands out of  fabric instead of patterned paper.
It would make a cute card too.

Another cute card idea found HERE.

I found this one on Pinterest but there wasn't a source.  I'm guessing it's just a branch with the center sanded smooth and the vinyl saying applied to it.  You could paint on the saying or even do some wood carving.  It's a manly looking craft too, perfect for the rough and tough or outdoorsy-type Dad.

Every Father is a super hero to his kids
which is why I love this cute printable
by Kiki & Company

A Proffittable Life made this great printable with "Dad-isms"

How many of them do you remember you Dad saying?

Here a link to even more Father's Day printables: 

Click HERE for a bunch of quotes about Fathers and Fatherhood that I compiled last year.

And don't forget to check out my Pinterest Father's Day board for lots more ideas.

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