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Friday, May 17, 2013

Save Money When Using the Dishwasher

In my post about "Laundry Tips", I mentioned how I sometimes run the washing machine for an additional spin cycle after it is finished the regular washing cycle. I usually do this when the load in the dryer isn't done drying yet so I can't switch the laundry or if there is something really heavy in the wash like our bath mats. The extra spin cycle helps to dry the clothes faster when you put them in the dryer which saves time and energy (money).

I've also found a way to save energy (money) when using the dishwasher.

When it comes to washing dishes in the dishwasher, I never dry them.  I set my dishwasher for a normal wash cycle but no drying cycle / no heat.  When the dishwasher is done, I simply open the door and let it air dry.  And because I do this, I've never had any plastic dishes melt.

I usually wash the dishes after breakfast and since the Babes and I are the only ones home, I don't mind having the dishwasher door open.  But if that bothers you, you could run the dishwasher at night and leave the door open overnight.

Although, if the door is left open, this might happen:

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