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Monday, May 20, 2013

Recycling Bridesmaid Dresses

My cousin, who's been in several wedding over the years, just gave Sweetie Pie some of her old bridesmaid dresses.  Sweetie Pie is 8 and still loves to play dress up.  I haven't been shopping for dress up clothes in a few years so what we have is getting a bit small on her.  These bridesmaid dresses were just what she needed to have a more grown up dress selection.  

Here she is modeling her new gowns.

This cream colored one was a bit snug in the bodice for Sweetie Pie, so she won't wear it for too long.  Good thing, since the Babes is eager to wear it.

The pink one fit perfectly and would even make a cute dress for church.

The favorite was this mint green one.  Sweetie Pie loved it because it was long and silky.

None of these dresses were too long for Sweetie Pie, but if they had been, I could have easily cut off the extra fabric and hemmed them up, or done the no sew method using stitch witchery.

What kind of dress up clothes do you have for older girls?

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