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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teacher Gifts

The last day of school is in about two weeks.  Wow, has this year flown by.

Before the school year ends, I like to give the kids' teachers a little something for all their hard work.

Here are a bunch of ideas I found on Pinterest along with what I'm planning to do.

This cute printable and frame would be perfect on a teacher's desk.  You can find out how to make your own HERE.  Or skip the printable and just make the frame.  You could put in a picture of your child and their teacher.

What better way to say take a break and relax than with chocolate.  You can download this free printable HERE.

This flower pot with chalkboard paint and the ruler design at the top would also make a meaningful gift.  Find out how to make your own HERE and HERE.

Another candy idea with a meaningful poem behind it can be found HERE.

And here's a few more great ideas I found from April over at Catching Fireflies

As for what I plan to do....

For Sweetie Pie's teacher, I'd love to make a huge cookie and write "Thanks for making me one smart Cookie" on it.  Perhaps something like this:
OK, not really that big, but you get the idea.

Her teacher has a great sense of humor and is super funny.  Sweetie Pie told her that I got a giant cookie for Mother's Day and the teacher said she wanted a piece.  Too bad I ate it all before we could give her any.  I saved the container it came in, and plan to bake a giant cookie to put in it.   I hope it turns out.

For the Spencinator's teacher, I"m giving her something practical - a package of sticky notes, with a tag that says:

 The tag is really a card.  I'll make sure to have the Spencinator write something cute inside like "Take note, you are my favorite teacher.  Thanks for a great school year!"

I got the idea from HERE.

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