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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Lengthen a Bed Skirt

In an attempt to organize Sweetie Pie's room (again), I added some bed risers to raise up her bed.  While the added height now made it possible to store things under her bed, it also made her current bed skirt 6" too short.  

Here is what her bed looked like before: 

Not much room to store anything.  Most under the bed storage containers were too high.  Under the bed is prime storage real estate for things like out of season clothes, and clothes to grow into. 

I bought some bed risers for about $8 and had my son put them under the 'feet' of the bed while I held up the bed.  Three out of the 4 were easy to install.  The 4th one was a bit tricky.  It was in the corner of the room and I had to crawl under the bed, lift up the bed and install the bed riser all by myself.  My son thought this was funny and decided to photograph it.

See how much more room there is under the bed now?

I found some under the bed storage containers and filled them up with out of season and too big clothes, plus some of her dress up stuff.

And just to show you how much room there is, yes that is 12".

But here's the problem.  The original bed skirt is now too short and shows off the bed risers and whatever we are storing underneath.

Rather than buy a new 18" bed skirt, I decided to be resourceful and use what I had.  What I had was her pink queen sized bed skirt and an old white twin sized bed skirt.

I cut off the ruffled bottom of the twin sized bed skirt and sewed that to the pink bed skirt.  Since the white bed skirt was gathered I put that on the bottom rather than on the top.  The pink bed skirt had more of a tailored look so it just made since to make it look like a band of color at the top.  You could also add some fabric to the bottom of the existing bed skirt too.

Now the bed skirt is just the right length, and no one will know how much is stored underneath
Sweetie Pie likes the added height to her bed, saying it's a princess bed.  She even wants some curtains draped from the ceiling to cover her bed like THIS.

How do you squeeze extra storage into a small room?  Anyone else use bed risers?

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