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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nature Rainbow

My daughter had a friend over the other day and believe it or not they got bored.  So I told them to go on a nature scavenger hunt to find the colors of the rainbow.  I gave them a basket and sent them outside.  After a little while they came back, excited to show me what they had found.

We didn't stop there.

I asked them to see if they could make a rainbow on the sidewalk using what they had found.  And it worked, sort of.  If you look closely you can see that rubbing the flowers or leaves on the sidewalk left some of that color behind.

It kept them entertained for a little while which was good.  Then they were off to another activity and no longer telling me that they were bored.  Sometimes you just need to spark their creativity and then they can find all sorts of things to do.

What are you doing to keep you kids busy this summer?

Another thing we did was to paint rocks and make our own tic tac toe game.  Find out how we did it HERE.

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