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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun with Sidewalk Chalk

Here is a fun activity we did the other day that kept the kids busy for a while.

I got out the sidewalk chalk and helped them come up with new ways to use it.

The Babes traced her feet

Then I made her some duck feet...

and some bear feet complete with long, sharp claws

We even traced our hands and added some painted finger nails.

Sweetie Pie did this one.  Those nails look pretty sharp.

The girls also made foot prints (in this case it was bear tracks) leading to the front porch.

I turned the foot prints into eyes and wrote "Watch Your Step" because I'm clever like that.

Sweetie Pie had a friend over and they ran back and forth following the foot prints.

They even drew parking spots so we'd know where to park our cars.
And the Spencinator added some attention getting arrows to his sign.

They didn't limit themselves to coloring on the sidewalk or driveway, they also colored the tree.

Looking for some more fun ways to play with sidewalk chalk?
Try sidewalk chalk paint
or sidewalk chalk spray

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