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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Green Giant Veggie Snacks

With the kids home from school all summer, snack time happens several times a day.  I try to get my kids to eat healthy so I'd rather not have them eat cookies or other sweets as a snack.  We reserve that as a special  treat for eating their dinner.  And even then sometimes the kids choose not to eat what's on their plates, rather than try something new.

However when we received our bags of Green Giant's Veggie Snacks, the kids were very eager to try them.  I just called them chips and left out the part about them being made with real vegetables.  We usually don't have chips in our house (we're more of a fruit and granola bar family), so these were a special treat.

Can you see how ready and willing the kids were to eat these?

First we tried the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chip - Garden Ranch Flavor.  That one was a huge hit.  Everyone in our family loved it and we all wanted more.  The Spencintor was scarfing them up with both hands.

While the kids were eating the chips, I checked out the ingredients.  I was surprised to find broccoli on list.  Overall these chips were delicious.  You could taste a bit of veggies in there (but not the broccoli), and the ranch seasoning on top.   These chips were so good that in less than 24 hours, we ate the whole bag.

Next we tried the Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips - Barbecue Flavor.  Now my kids aren't a big fan of spicy foods, and none of them like barbecue to begin with saying it makes their tongue burn.  So it didn't come as any big  surprise that they didn't like these.  They all said they were too spicy.  But hey, I had to give them credit for trying it.  My husband and I ate them and if you like barbecue chips, you'll love these.  My husband said they were good and tasted deceivingly like barbecue chips.  I personally am not a big fan of vegetables, I usually eat them mixed with other foods so I can't really taste them.  I must admit I was hesitant to try the sweet potato chips at first, but it turns out they taste just like barbecue chips.   You couldn't even taste the sweet potato in there. 

 These chips are a healthier alternative to regular potato chips.  They'd be great to serve up at a party (I bet the Roasted Veggie chips would taste good with some ranch dip), or even to pack in the kid's school lunches.  I can't believe the summer is almost over and school starts at the end of this month.  Well, at least I know one thing I can pack in their lunch bags.  Which reminds me, I've got to buy the Spencinator a new lunch bag.  His broke a month before school ended and we still haven't replaced it.  Who knew boys could be so hard on their lunch bags?  Sweetie Pie will be using the same one as last year since it still looks new.

What kind of snacks does your family like to eat?  What do you pack in your kids lunches?  I'm looking for ideas here.

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