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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Princess Bed

When we last left Sweetie Pie's room, I had used bed risers to provide extra storage under the bed.  This caused me to DIY a longer bed skirt.  You can read about how I did that HERE.

What I didn't show you was the pictures we had added above her bed months ago.  It went from looking like this:

to this:

I had bought these frames from Ikea a while back and finally put pictures in them.  The pictures were from her baptism, more on that HERE.  I did put something in that 4th frame, just didn't take a picture of it.  It has the words to her favorite primary song, "When I Am Baptized".

Since her bed does not have a headboard, I thought having a horizontal line of pictures would help define the bed area.  We were also thinking of having her name printed out in vinyl in the same bright pink color and placed below the pictures.

However, once I raised up her bed, and she tested it out, she said it felt like a princess bed.

And a princess bed isn't complete without a canopy, at least that's what Sweetie Pie thinks.

We happened to be at Ikea again (not the same time I bought the frames which was about 9 months ago), and they had a canopy that would be perfect for her bed, so I just had to get it.

Side note about my trip to Ikea.  They have that play area for the kids and you have to be within certain height guidelines to be allowed in.  Well, the Spencinator was too tall last time so we knew he couldn't go in.  Still the shopping trip would be doable, only having to take one kid around with me.   The Babes was just barely tall enough to make it in, and Sweetie Pie was almost too tall to go in.  So it was the first time the Babes went in, and the last time Sweetie Pie could go in.  I'm not sure I'm up to shopping with both older kids and I'm hesitant to leave the Babes in there without an older sibling to look after her, so this might be my last trip to Ikea with the kids for a while.

OK, back to the canopy.  Here is her bed complete with canopy and fit for a princess, wouldn't you say:

There is just one problem:

Yup, those frames.  They are now hidden by the new canopy.  Don't worry, I've already thought of a new home for them, I think.

This room has been changed around or had things added to it more than any other room in our house.
What room in your house is constantly changing?

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