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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Portable Marble Maze

Using THIS idea I sewed a portable marble maze game for my kids.

I made one for Sweetie Pie out of princess fabric, and used an old shirt of my husband's to make one for the Spencinator.

They were pretty easy to make and didn't take much time.  I didn't make one for the Babes, hoping the kids would share.  The Spencinator likes mazes (you can check out the Lego maze he made HERE), but wasn't really interested in this.  He is 10 so I guess this is too easy for him, although I did try to make his maze more difficult.  Sweetie Pie who is 8, wasn't very interested in hers either.  However the Babes, who is almost 3, does like to play with them.

So there you have it, a simple to make, portable maze that is best suited for toddlers.  I'll have to keep this in my purse to use in the grocery store, doctors office and other waiting times.

What tricks do you  have to keep kids entertained when they have to wait?

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