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Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage Home Tour (part 1)

Back when I posted about my sister's Vintage Bridal Shower, I said the house looked like something out of a magazine.  Well, I'll let you be the judge of that.  I took so many pictures of that charming historical home, I'll take you on a virtual tour.

From the outside there are these huge plants.  That's my 9 yr old in the picture just to give you an idea of just how huge those leaves are.  It's a charming little home in an established neighborhood.

Let's walk up to the front porch and go inside shall we?

As you enter the foyer area, you see a beautiful wood staircase before you.  I love the large mirrors paired together on the side.

Pictures at the top of the stairs create a nice focal point.  And those topiaries are the steps are so cute.

This little nook on the left of the staircase that's part of the living room, is decorated with a comfy chair and some old trunks.

We had this house set up for a bridal shower so that's why there are dressed strung above the fireplace and those extra white chairs around.  I love the built in bookshelves and the stone above the fireplace.

Beside family photos and books, the bookcases had a variety of antique collections such as these binoculars,


and even old cameras

This table behind the couch had a lamp and some animal vases.  I like how the lamp was raised up using old books.  And those animal vases, if that's what they really are, are just so interesting.

The dining room sits behind the living room and houses a few collections as well.

These eggs sit atop the window sill.  I like how the window is able to bring in light, yet because it isn't very tall, you still have room for a buffet underneath without blocking anything.

A luggage rack with a tray on top makes a cute table to to set out napkins and silverware for a party.  Above that is a pie pan with chalkboard paint and the day's menu written on it.  What a great personal touch.

Again, books were used to create differing heights and more interesting tablescapes.

At the back of the house is another living room and dining room.  Loving the gorgeous stone fireplace and windows that go to the floor.

To the left of the fireplace, these comfortable mission style leather chairs create a cozy conversational area.

This is looking from the fireplace into the dining area.

As you go from the living room section to the dining room section, you find this rocking swan.  Now I've seen a rocking horse before, but never a rocking swan.

There were also these plate covers hanging on the wall.  Similar ones were hanging on the wall of the other dining room as well.

And while I'm not a big fan of taxidermy art, this deer head didn't look half bad here.

There's also a bedroom on this main floor.  I liked how this large mirror was displayed with pictures surrounding it.  The black picture frames with tan colored mats unify the various shaped and sized pictures and tie it in with the black framed mirror too. 

Back at the front of the house, there was a sun room to the right of the foyer.  It had black floors and black wicker chairs paired with white cushions and a white slipcovered sofa.  This bamboo rug with alphabet lettering made the space look a bit French provincial.

A display of antlers arranged in a bowl was an unexpected decor item.  I guess it goes with the deer head in the dining room.

Bookshelves behind the sofa housed not only books, but a collection of sheep.

We'll end back at the beginning- in the foyer.  I love the molding and details of this antique, black distressed dresser which sits perfectly between the wall sconces.

There is so much more to see in this beautiful home.  I'll have to include the kitchen, bathroom and upstairs bedrooms in another post.

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