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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vintage Home Tour (part 2)

For part 1 of this home tour, click HERE.  I took so many pictures of this charming house I decided to spread it out rather than do one giant post.  In the previous post I showed you the main floor of the house which included the living rooms, dining rooms, and sun room.  I'm back today to show off the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom.  I took all of these pictures during my sister's Vintage Themed Bridal Shower.  The shower was held at her friend's house.  The house is a historical home by the way and decorated so cute, that I just couldn't help myself in taking so many pictures.  OK, OK, enough chit chat, one with the tour....

On this little wall between the dining room and the way to the kitchen, were these cool pictures.  The frames are antiqued mirrors and the pictures themselves looked like aged black and white photographs.  I was really digging those frames.

Between the dining room and kitchen was this little butler's pantry, I guess that's what it's called?  It was a great place to set up drinks for the party.

And moving into the kitchen...

check out the the drawer pulls.  How cute is that?

I told you this house was like something out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  

I like the beadboard ceiling with modern light fixtures in the kitchen.

On the windowsill was a cute display of greenery.  Such a simple idea to use water or wine bottles as vases.

 This antique stove gave the whole kitchen that vintage vibe.  I love that it's dark green - how different.

Not only was the ceiling done in beadboard, but most of the kitchen walls were too.  And I loved the utensil art displayed above the kitchen sink, how appropriate for a kitchen.

Another nook in the kitchen was used to display greenery and collections.  Although this kitchen was small, it was decorated simply and looked so cute.

Beyond the kitchen was a bathroom.  The sink area had a chandelier light fixture and an antique dresser as a vanity.

This shelf above the towels was also used to display collections of vintage toiletries such as shaving brushes and toothbrushes.

Let's head upstairs shall we?

At the top of the stairs there was this iron light fixture. 

Upstairs were four bedrooms.  Each bedroom was picture perfect in the way it was decorated.  

Bedroom 1

I love the neutral colors of the walls, fabrics and light wood toned furniture.  And those moss mannequins used to display jewelry are so chic.

Bedroom 2

That antique bed with the teddy bear sitting on it is classic.  

Bedroom 3

On the wall by the closet is a collection of hand held mirrors with bows on them hung upside down.  What a great way to display those.

Bedroom  4

I love how everything is so balanced in this room, from the matching beds to the matching pictures to the matching chairs at the foot of the bed.

Everything in this house was gorgeous.  Collections were artfully displayed and the neutral color scheme throughout made it all so warm and inviting.  The antique furnishings and vintage items were so full of character and charm that I instantly fell in love with this home.  Hope you enjoyed it too.

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