Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gender Reveal

We had our ultrasound yesterday and found out that 

We are having another boy!

I had a poll up on the blog to see what you thought.  You can find out more about that in THIS POST.  Would we be having a boy or girl?
The results were close.  55% said boy and 45% said girl.

Well it turns out that the Chinese Gender Predictor was right.  

I know this thing only has a 50/50 chance, but it's been right for all 4 of our kids.  

We are just thrilled to be having another baby, so it didn't matter to us whether it was a boy or girl.  However the girls really wanted another girl.  The Babes kept calling the baby her "baby sitter" (meaning baby sister).  

We had our ultrasound in the morning and when the older two kids got home from school I woke the Babes up from her nap so I could tell all three of them in a fun way.

With the Spencinator, it's hard to do surprises.  I like to tell him in advance so he knows what's coming and will hopefully not have a bad reaction.  So I asked him how he'd like me to reveal the baby's gender - by opening a box of balloons, or by cutting into a cake.  The color of the balloons and color of the icing (pink or blue) would reveal if the baby is to be a boy or girl.  Well he wanted both so I did both.  

First up was making the cake.  I made a chocolate cake, because that's the box mix I had.  I baked it in two round pans and put the cakes together with white icing in the middle that I dyed blue.  In hind sight I should have made the icing a darker blue, it was very light and hard to see that it was blue with the chocolate cake.  On second thought maybe the cake should have been a yellow cake instead so the blue would really pop.  A chocolate cake would have looked better with pink icing.  Anyway, the cake didn't turn out so well, it got very crumbly as I was trying to assemble it.  I put the rest of the un-dyed white icing on top but the sides looked bad so I added some chocolate icing to them to cover them up.  Finally I added some decorative edible string stuff to spell out "It's A ?"

As for the balloons, I just blew up a several blue balloons using our helium tank.  Yes, thanks to Grandma, the Spencinator got a helium tank for his birthday last year.  It has come in handy for parties.  I stuck them in a box labeled "It's A ?".  The bottom of the box lid was not shut so I thought that when the box was lifted up, the balloons would float out.  Like the cake, this didn't work out so well either.

I got it all on video so you can see what a flop the cake and balloons were.  

The kids didn't seem overly excited, and Sweetie Pie did express her disappointment, but luckily it wasn't anything like this poor brother.  (video found HERE)

The Babes was happy to have balloons and Sweetie Pie consoled herself with cake.  

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