Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Day of School 2014

Father's Day is coming up.  If you're looking for ideas and haven't checked out my previous post, click HERE to read it and then come back to see how we celebrated the last day of school.

The last day of school was a busy one.  There was not much time to prepare a big "Welcome to Summer" celebration like I did last year with the balloons covering the door, or the year before with the banner to burst through.

I was at my son's school attending his 5th grade graduation celebration.  And yes, he's really that tall.  Comparing him to all the other kids, he is about a head taller than everyone else.  Even though he's almost as tall as me, I still can't believe he'll be starting middle school in the fall.

I just barely made it home to catch Sweetie Pie getting off the bus.

So what did we do to celebrate?  Well, I kept it simple with something I knew the kids would love - an ice cream party.

I had 3 different kinds of ice cream, the spray whipped cream because it's so fun, cherries, chocolate syrup and plenty of sprinkles.  I dished out the ice cream (to control portions) and let the kids top it however they liked.

Then I let the kids do whatever, video games, movies, I didn't care.  This was there time to relax and do what they want.  School with all it's rules is over for the summer.  Mom's summer school will start on Monday but chores started yesterday.  

HERE'S the summer schedule we used last year.  We'll do something similar this year.  Chores and schoolwork in the morning and fun in the afternoon.  And I'm not a slave driver.  It's just one chore (in addition to their usually daily clearing of dishes and cleaning their rooms whenever asked and weekly laundry), plus some math.  Both the big kids love to read so I don't keep track of that, I know it gets done, usually they read themselves to sleep.  Something new I hope to implement this year is quiet time.  I really need The Babes to keep napping.  With a new baby coming this fall, I really want her to nap so I can nap too.  I'm hoping having quiet time for the big kids will make nap time easier for The Babes.

How do you celebrate the last day of school?

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