Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Crafts

For Father's Day, Sweetie Pie made this trinket box from craft sticks.

We got the idea from HERE, and modified it a bit.  Instead of using regular popsicle sticks, we used the larger craft sticks.

It was really simple to make and took all of 15 minutes.

1.  First we assembled our supplies:
craft sticks
hot glue gun

2.  Next we made the base by laying down 8 craft sticks and gluing 1 on each end to hold them in place.  Flip that over and that is the base.

3.  Cut fabric slightly smaller than the base and glue down.

4.   Glue down craft sticks to build up the sides. 

And what were the other kids doing while Sweetie Pie had my attention?
The Babes was trying to get in everyone's way by camping out, and the Spencinator was doing one of his chores. 
I love it that the kids are home for the summer and can do chores.  Just look at what a great job the Spencinator does at putting away the utensils.  

The final thing that Sweetie Pie did was to embellish the trinket box with some writing.  She chose to write "keys + cell phone + work badge = Happy Dad!!"  Now Dad has a spot for his things and hopefully won't be searching the house for them in the mornings before work.

This gift makes a great Father's Day present but would be useful for just about anyone.  And did I mention how easy and quick it was to make?

We also made this cool tri-fold card.  You can find the tutorial HERE.  It's easier to make than it looks.

And I got the hubby some new tools for the new grill he got last week.  I actually found them at a yard sale Saturday morning (nothing like last minute shopping).  I like how they are the same brand as the grill and stainless steel so they won't rust.  I attached a cute tag that said "King of the Grill".   

I'm so thankful for my dad and my husband who is a great dad to our children.  So glad I got to spend Father's Day with both of them.

"When a man becomes a father for the first time, his heart expands in unanticipated ways.  He appreciates and understands his own father like never before.  He also gets a small glimpse at the infinite and complete love that Heavenly Father has for each of His children."

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