Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Last night was our town's Trick or Treat night.  It seems weird not to have it on Halloween night, but that's the way we roll in PA.  Wednesday night we had Trunk or Treat for our church, click HERE to read more about that.  Like I predicted, the Babes decided to dress up as something else.  The other kids kept their same costumes, but the Babes decided to be Merida from Brave.  We even had a bow for her to carry and used a red hat to simulate Merida's red hair.  Not too bad for pulling this costume off at the last minute.

 And here's the whole gang:  the pumpkin, the artiste, Merida, and the skater.

You can't see the baby very well in the previous picture, so here's a close up.  He did so good for his first trick or treat, and by good I mean he slept through it all as I carried him around from house to house.

The kids met up with a few other neighborhood kids and they all walked together.  There was a wide variety of costumes.
Remember the house with the spooky windows?  It looked even better light up at night.

Happy Halloween!!

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