Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trunk or Treat 2014

Trunk or Treat was last night.  Our church has been doing this for a couple of years and it seems like each year gets better and better.  I am amazed at the creative ways people decorate their trunks.  This year, like last year, we just used stuff we had around the house.  To find out more about last year's Pet Shop Trunk and other Trunk or Treat ideas, check out THIS post

We created an Art Studio themed trunk complete with original artwork by my budding artists.
This was all Sweetie Pie's idea, and she even dressed up like an artist (or artiste as she calls herself).
All I did was set out some art supplies and hang up some artwork to create the art studio.  

Some other creative trunks included "Candy Land" and "Grandma's House".

First place went to the Pirate's Cove trunk.  There was even gold treasure inside.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this huge pumpkin.  

Besides the decorated trunks, several people had games for the kids to play like fishing, donut eating and nerf gun shooting.

And here are my trunk or treaters dressed as a little pumpkin, a skater, Belle and an artiste. 

Again we kept it simple this year just using what we had since I haven't done much shopping since having the baby.  The Spencinator decided to go as a skater (he wore a helmet and roller blades.  The Babes picked out a dress up outfit and went as Princess Belle.  Sweetie Pie's outfit took the most work as we had to make the pallet and add paint to her apron and face.  And of course the baby was a cute little pumpkin wearing a pumpkin outfit we got at a yard sale earlier this summer.  I love how easy this was to put together and the kids loved it.  Tonight is our neighborhood Trick or Treat.  I'm assuming the kids will wear the same costumes, although the Babes might decide to wear a different dress up outfit like a doctor or another princess.

Happy Halloween!!

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