Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Picking, Painting and Carving

Saturday we went to a local pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins.  Better late than never, right?  We usually don't wait this late in the season to go pumpkin picking.  I have a good excuse of just having a baby 3 weeks ago.  Even with it being the week before Halloween, we were still able to find some nice pumpkins and the kids had fun.  

The Babes insisted on pulling the cart full of pumpkins all by herself.  She's so independent which has been great with a new baby in the house.

Besides picking pumpkins, there were some fun activities to do such as a corn maze, duckie races, corn kernel box and tracker riding.

Monday we finally got around to turning our pumpkins into jack o lanterns.  The Babes wanted to paint hers, until she saw the Spencinator carving his.  Then I had to carve a scary face on her pumpkin.  

This year, I let the Spencinator carve his all by himself.  He did a great job.  First he drew his design, then carved it out (leaving the 'guts' inside for special effect), and finally added some scars on the pumpkin face.

Sweetie Pie wanted a Cat Pumpkin.  
We spray painted the pumpkin black using chalkboard spray paint, then cut out the eyes.  We added the ears by attaching the eyes to the top of the pumpkin using toothpicks.

Here are the final creations:

They look pretty spooky all light up at night.

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