Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself

It's  no secret that I love to rearrange furniture in an attempt to change the look of a room or find the most efficient use of space.  That's why I love using furniture sliders.  You just place them under the 'legs' of the piece of furniture you want to move, and it allows you to easily slide it around to the new position.  

Over a year ago, I decided to move my crafting armoire that is in our master bedroom sitting room from one side of the room to the other.  The reason being that it was currently on the right which is the side that leads to the closet.  The left side was a larger area so I thought it should go there and free up the path to the closet.  At one time we had a loveseat on the left side but decided to move that to the living room so the left side was empty (or rather would have been empty if I didn't fill it up with stuff that really belonged elsewhere).  The picture below shows the left side with all the clutter put away, just needed to find a new place for the bookcase and chest.  See how the armoire on the right blocks the door to the closet?  And how there is more space on the left side to put it?

The first thing I tried was my furniture sliders.  This armoire is so big and heavy that I couldn't lift up an end to slip the furniture slider under.  Of course I was in a furniture rearranging mood and couldn't wait several hours for my husband to get home to help. So I had to figure out a way to move this thing by myself.  

I decided to give the car jack a try.  

That's right, a car jack.  

I figured I could jack up the armoire and then slip the furniture slider under it to move it to the other side.  That's exactly what I did and it worked!

Once the furniture sliders were in place, I just had to slide it across the room.  It was still difficult to slide it because it was so heavy, but it was doable.  

I kept the Babes occupied while I rearranged with some target practice.  To my surprise, she was actually able to shoot a few balls into the baskets below.

It's a good thing I rearranged and cleared out our sitting room over a year ago because four months ago we had a baby and that's his room now.  His cradle is on the right and the armoire is still on the left. 

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