Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lengthen Pants Without Sewing

This is a great trick to lengthen pants without having to whip out the sewing machine.  Not only does it make your pants look longer if they are too short, but it makes your legs look longer too.  Let me explain......

The other day my daughter was about to leave for school when I noticed her pants were too short.  Now I suppose she could have changed pants, but they matched her shirt and she didn't want to.  So I came up with a way to make them look less short.  

Here are some before and after shots so you can see how dressing in all one color makes her legs appear longer, and her pants longer since there isn't a different color to break things up.

More before and afters.  This not only works for kids, but can work for adults too - even if you're wearing a skirt or dress (just keep reading to find out how)...

You can also use this trick to make your legs look longer.  By dressing in all one color for pants, socks and shoes, it doesn't break up your legs, thus creating a lengthening effect.  Don't believe me, check out THIS article which has fashion tips to make you look taller.  #7 is about the all one color look.  Or THIS article about how to get longer looking legs, the 2nd thing mentioned is to match your shoes to your pants or your skin tone if you're wearing a skirt.

So has anyone ever tried this trick before?

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