Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Letter Taggie

I mentioned I was on a sewing kick.  First I made the baby bow tie bibs, then a dinosaur taggie toy, and now I'm back to show you some more taggie toys.

I made this letter taggie toy using fabric from a snow suit my baby had outgrown.  

I also used some extra fabric I had laying around to make my own tags since I didn't have the color ribbon I wanted. 

Once again my daughter did the hand sewing after we had added the stuffing. 

And here's the finished letter taggie.  I might have gone a little overboard with the number of tags I added.

The last taggie toy I made used the same snow suit.  I like the patch of the dog driving a car so I cut that out to make the taggie toy.

I used a flannel fabric for the back and brown silky ribbon since my baby seems to prefer sucking on the silky tags best.

I tried to make it look like a car with the four brown ribbons being the wheels.  Anyway, it's just another cute baby toy that my boy loves to suck on.  

And now I think I'm done making baby toys for a while.  I've put my sewing machine away and gotten out the paints.  I've done a few crafty projects with paint that I'll have to show you next.

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