Wednesday, March 11, 2015

St. Patrick's Day rainbow crafts and more

I did a few crafts with the kids to create some more St. Patrick's Day decorations.

The first one was a little complicated and my 4 year old gave up, but my 10 year old had fun making it.  It's a 3-D rainbow pot of gold.

rainbow colored paper cut into 1 inch by 12 inch strips
white paper cloud
blue 8 by 10 paper for background
glue stick
black paper pot made from two layers of paper with a slit cut out of the top layer(not shown) 

Here the girls are gluing the rainbow onto the cloud.

Once the rainbow was glued to the cloud, the cloud was glued to the blue paper and then the rainbow was folded over and glued to the inside of the pot.  Then the pot was glued to the blue paper.

This project made the girls ask what causes a rainbow.  We  have a bunch of these "Just Ask" books and luckily one was about rainbows.  So I read that while the girls glued.  I love these books, they explain things in simple ways for young kids to understand.  

And since the first project frustrated my 4 year old, we tried THIS idea from Pinterest.  It was much easier.

Here she is holding up her pot of gold and rainbow made from a paper plate.  You can see my "Not Lucky... Blessed" sign in the background.  Click HERE to find out how I made it.

Just like we made a heart hat for Valentine's Day, we also made a shamrock hat.  Although my little girl decided to do a different take on the green shamrock and made a zebra striped clover instead.  Here she is wearing it while showing off a picture she colored.

We displayed their decorations on the mantel, along with the "Not Lucky... Blessed" sign and a few paper shamrocks.

I also decided to add some fun to the kitchen.  We have this glass bottle that is too cute not to display, so I filled it with green colored water and added some vinyl lettering.  I couldn't decide which saying I liked best so I put one on each side.

So that's it for our St. Patrick's Day decorations.  I have a few treats I want to make (and eat), so I'll be back next week with those delicious recipes.

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