Monday, October 26, 2015

Carving and Painting Pumpkins

About 2 weeks ago we went pumpkin picking.  You can read about that in THIS POST.  Our pumpkins sat on the front porch waiting for a warm and sunny day so we could carve them outside.

Well, that day came last Tuesday.  I laid a plastic tablecloth down on our picnic table (to contain the mess) and let the kids get to work.  My oldest son was more than excited to play with knives.

First I had the kids use a permanent marker to design the face.  Then we carved them out.  The older kids did most of the work on their pumpkins.  I still had to carve out the 'guts' since that was a bit too gross for them.  

My younger daughter just loves her pumpkin.  I think her favorite part was drawing all over it.

My older son wanted to have knives sticking out of his pumpkin.  Once we transferred the pumpkin to the front porch I swapped out the real knives for plastic ones.  He added some pumpkin seeds and 'guts' to make it look even more disgusting. 

The little guy didn't do any pumpkin carving but he sure does look cute, so I had to include a picture of him too.

And here the pumpkins are all carved just waiting to be painted.

It took about a week to paint them because we were busy.  During that week we went to a Halloween party at the local fire hall, and a Halloween parade. 

The kids had fun dress up as Steve from Minecraft, a witch, little Dracula, and another witch.

My youngest daughter loved painting her pumpkin and kept adding to it. 

My older daughter did a nice job of painting her ghost pumpkin.  
Here's the transformation.

Even the baby's pumpkin got painted.  Since it was a little round pumpkin, I thought I'd paint it to look like an eye. 

And here they are all painted and ready for Halloween. 

To check out how we decorated our pumpkins in years past you can click HERE and HERE.

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