Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Activities

Since the kids had off school on Monday, I thought it would be fun to have a little Halloween activity.  We invited my older daughter's best friend to join us because, the more the merrier.

Since it was a Halloween theme day, I had the kids dress up in their Halloween or fall shirts.

Most of the crafting took place in the dining room while the food was in the kitchen.  I set up the table with a yellow table cloth and a plastic spider web table cover over that.  I set out some zentangle Halloween coloring pages, colored pencils, markers and some black, white and orange papers so the kids could make bats, ghosts and pumpkins.  These girls love to draw so they spent a lot of time in the beginning just coloring.

I also had them play a minute to win it game using candy corn.  They loved this some much that they wanted to play it over and over, trying to see who could make the tallest stack of candy corn.

The girls also weaved some spider webs.  I just hot glued some craft sticks into a snowflake design.  Using blue yarn because I didn't have white, they weaved a web and then added a spider sticker.

We had some Halloween themed snacks too.  These "Boo" nanas were just half a banana with mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a regular chocolate chip for the mouth.

This candy corn fruit parfait was made with a layer of pineapple chunks on the bottom, then some mandarin oranges and topped with whipped cream.

I also had these Halloween themed cootie catchers for the girls to play with.  I downloaded the template from HERE.

If you follow me on Facebook, you've already gotten a sneak peek of what I put in the goody bags.
I made these 5 little pumpkins, using THIS printable, some snack sized baggies and candy pumpkins.

I think they turned out super cute.  I didn't plan far enough ahead so I was unable to check out the book from the library.  Instead I had the girls watch the song on YouTube.

I also made some Jack-o-lantern seeds by adding some orange paper to a pack of orange tic tacs.  I used Microsoft Word to create this printable.

It was a fun time and because it wasn't a 'real' party, it was stress free for me.  I think we might do something like this before Christmas.  These girls love to draw and do crafty things, so it's pretty easy to entertain them.  This might even become a new holiday tradition.

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