Monday, June 13, 2016

Thumb body Loves You Father's Day Card

Now that schools out, I am focusing on Father's Day in hopes of not making things at the last minute.  I've got several ideas in mind (all thanks to Pinterest) and the first one is this cute little "thumb bodies" love you card.  I got the ideas from HERE, and modified it to fit my needs.  Oh, and if you'd like to check out more Father's Day gift ideas and cards, you can follow along on my Father's Day Pinterest board HERE.

I created this design in Word making sure to leave space for the thumb prints.

Then I used washable markers and colored a thumb of each of my four kids to create the thumb bodies.

Here are the four thumb prints.

Using a black pen, I added arms, legs, eyes and a smile.
Don't they look so cute.

And here's the finished project!

A cute card and keepsake for Father's Day.  Of course you could do the same thing for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.  Stay tuned for more Father's Day ideas, I hope to have two more posts for you before Father's Day.

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