Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dirt Cups

Here's a cute snack for the kids that not only looks fun, but is easy to make.

To make this snack even easier, I used cups of prepared pudding rather than making my own.
You will also need chocolate cookies and gummi worms.

Crush up some of the cookies and sprinkle them on top of the pudding cup, then add a gummi worm.

This quick and easy treat is not only fun for the summer (or any other season), but would be great for a bug or dirt themed birthday party too.

Another variation of this is a Sand Cup.  Use vanilla or butterscotch pudding and nilla wafer cookies on top.  Add a few gummy fish instead of worms, maybe even a little umbrella or teddy graham bear cookie basking in the sun.

Sand Cups made with blue jello, cool whip, vanilla pudding, crushed vanilla wafers and teddy grahams (gummy bears would work too!):

I like making snack time fun.  It brings a smile to the kid's faces and makes an ordinary day feel special.

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