Monday, July 11, 2016

DIY Paper Spinners

I love summer when the kids are home from school because there is more time to do things.  We've been trying out some fun ideas I've seen floating around on Pinterest.  Check out my Kids Pinterest Board to pin some ideas of your own.  

The other day we made paper spinners.  The girls colored them, but my 13 year old son couldn't let them have all the fun and found himself having fun spinning them too.  It was neat to see how the patterns and colors changed when they started spinning.

Using the templates and instructions found HERE, the girls made their own paper spinners.

I printed out the templates and they cut and colored them.
I cut out the cardboard and we glued the paper onto it, making each side a different pattern.
Then using a needle and thread we added the string for spinning.

Here are all the different patterns.  The pattern with the most colors (bottom left above) only looked like two colors when we spun it.

Here's a montage of all the different spinners and what they look like when they're spinning.  I set it to some fun music so you wouldn't have to hear my kids trying to get my attention the whole time with, "Mom, look over here" and "Mom, check this out".

Oh, and in case you were wondering what I do with my toddler during craft time when he'd love to color everything and rip up the paper, you can see him safely contained in his high chair, happily eating while the other kids play with their spinners.   

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