Monday, July 18, 2016

Little Horses, Big Fun

This summer is just flying by.  The girls are involved in lots of different camps and lessons.  And of course, I try to squeeze in fun stuff at least weekly if not daily.  Last month we took a trip to check out the Land Of Little Horses in Gettysburg, PA.  I remember going there when I was a kid, and since my girls just love horses, I had to take them.  Whenever I go somewhere, I always check for a coupon.  I was glad to find a great deal on Groupon, so it costs even less.

Here's the stables that house all the little horses.  Some horses were just roaming free.

Throughout the day, about every hour, there were different activities going on.  Here is the hare and tortoise race.  

There was also a play area with several different buildings to play in such as a saloon and chapel.  

Here the girls are all dressed up for the show while my little guy plays the piano.

Saloon girls.

There was also a jail that the kids loved being locked up in.  Seriously they didn't want to leave.
A fake fire pit and tee pee area also kept the kids busy, as well as the playground.  

There were other animals to visit such as peacocks, goats, alpaca and donkeys.

At one point there was a parade of all the little horses.

My youngest daughter had to make sure to pet each horse at it walked by.

We kept busy the whole time we were there.  Every hour we did one of the activities, most lasted about thirty minutes.  Between shows/activities we checked out the other animals or played in the saloon area.

Here was a little circus performance act some of the horses did.

At the end of the day was a grooming session.  The girls just loved brushing the horses.

This was a really fun trip.  We spent about four hours there and the kids loved it.  My youngest daughter didn't want to leave, she loved all the animals so much.  I'd say this place is geared toward preschool to elementary aged children.  I took my 11 year old daughter and her friend and they had fun too, but mostly because they were together.

Have any of you visited the Land of Little Horses?  
What did you think?
What was the favorite thing to do?
My kids loved petting the horses and I thought it was neat that some would just roam around like a pet dog would wander free in the yard.

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