Thursday, July 7, 2016

She Doesn't Sell Sea Shells

My youngest daughter had the privilege of vacationing at the beach with Grandma.  They went in May before school let out and it got crowded.  One of the favorite activities is collecting sea shells.  But what to do with all those shells?  Well, if your child is the artistic type, one thing you can do with them is paint them.  

We just used acrylic paint in various colors.

She was going for a zebra look with that black and white one.

I think the ones painted with glitter paint turned out the best.

And here's a little video of my daughter describing all her shells.  She actually requested that I video her.  Oh, and she wanted me to mention after we finished filming, that none of her shells are for sale.  However, if you'd like to purchase one of the hundreds of shells she's collected and can't bear to part with, let me know, I'm sure we could strike up a deal.  I need to start making room for next year's shell collection.

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