Monday, July 17, 2017

Spray Paint a Lamp Shade for a Custom Look

When it comes to decorating, I feel like I bounce around from room to room never finishing one space before starting the next.  And by the time I go back to a room that I've started decorating, I've changed my style and want to do something different.  Anyone else have that problem?  

For my 2 year old son's room, I decided to do a red and blue color scheme.  He has blue bedding and curtains so all I had to do was put in some red.  I had a lamp on his dresser but didn't like the lamp shade so I bought a drum shade at a thrift store.  I was planning to paint it anyway even though it was pretty close to the color I wanted.  If you look closely you'll notice that it had faded on one side.  Like I said, not a big deal because I was going to paint it.  

The photo above is the before and the photo below is the after.  

You can see how much richer and brighter the color is in the before and after comparison below.

I love when things match, and by match I mean match exactly.  I used the same color to spray paint several picture frames.  Don't mind the wall stickers behind some of the pictures.  They were from when this room was my daughter's nursery.  If I take those off, the paint comes off too and I'm not ready to paint this room.

I just love this caricature of my little guy.  Those dimples and sly smile capture his personality perfectly.

Now each side of his room has a bit of red.  I love being able to customize a color scheme using something as simple and easy as spray paint.  And if I want to change color schemes in a few years (or months) it will be cheap and easy to do.

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