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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Crafts

Our Elementary PTO is great.  They have lots of activities planned throughout the year and most are for the whole family not just the elementary student.  One night last week they had a family Christmas craft activity.  There were 10 different craft stations set up for the kids.  We were able to do 8 of them in about an hour.  They were all easy to make and my 7 year old daughter had a blast making them with very little help from me.

This snowman craft was easy to do and didn't take much time since all the pieces were cut out and ready to go.  Just glue the snowman head and body to the blue paper, then glue on the scarf and carrot nose.  Using a black marker, add eyes and a mouth then paint on some snowflakes using white craft paint and a Q-tip.  And there you have a cute little snowman with some falling snow.

Next up was this jolly little elf.  All my daughter had to do was color, cut and assemble with brads/split pins.  The pattern was from Red Ted Art

This snowman cup was another super easy one.  Put the silver pipe cleaner through the cup, glue on the red ear muffs and carrot nose.  Finish it off using a black marker to make the eyes and mouth.  How cute would this be for a Christmas party filled with candy favors.

This fingerprint tree would make a cute Christmas card.  All it took was some red and green ink, a gold star and brown marker for the tree trunk.

Beaded snowflake
  The silver pipe cleaners were already made to form a snowflake so all my daughter had to do was add the beads and bend the ends.  Then we added a hook so we could hang it on the Christmas tree.

Craft stick Rudolf
  All we had to do for this was to glue on the antlers, eyes and nose.  I think hot glue would have worked better.  The craft glue made things slip around a bit until they dried. 

Twig and Ribbon Tree Ornament
I thought this craft was so cute, I made one myself.  All we had to do was tie scraps of fabric around a twig.

Cork Santa
This one took a little longer because we had to wait for the paint to dry, but other than that it was easy.  The bottom half of the cork was painted red.  A cotton ball was glued on as a beard.  Using a black marker my daughter added eyes and a nose.  There was a Hershey Kiss glued on top of the cork for a hat and then the small cotton ball glued onto that.  However, my daughter couldn't resist and ate the Hershey Kiss.  I'm sure you can imagine what it looks like though.

My daughter also had an ornament making day at school so check back next week to see more Christmas craft ideas.

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