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Monday, December 18, 2017

Elf on the Shelf Returns

Early Saturday morning my daughter runs excitedly into my bedroom exclaiming the elf is back!  The excitement on her face is what makes it all worth it.  We've done the Elf on the Shelf before.  You can read about our many adventures about that HERE and HERE.  Then we decided to take a break.  I mentioned how and why HERE.  Well, she's back and this time I've made it easy on myself.  She's only here for about a week.  I figure I can handle a week of this little elf.

My daughter was so excited to see her Elf return.  And the Elf brought her some new pajamas.

Anyone else doing Elf on the Shelf?  Are you burnt out yet and need more ideas?  Check out all the activities we did with out Elf in previous years and how we ended the relationship HERE, HERE and HERE.

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