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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Airplane Themed Baby Shower

Had so much fun planning and decorating for my sister's baby shower last weekend.  I love a good theme so when she said she found a cute airplane light for the baby's room, I decided we'd do an airplane themed baby shower. 

 I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the little airplanes and the vinyl for the "Oh Boy!" banner.

 These boxes were a cute statement piece.  They weren't just empty boxes either.  My mother and I filled them up with second hand baby clothes.  Yeah, this little boy practically has a complete wardrobe for his first 9 months.

These airplane prints were a cute touch and will look great in the baby's room.  I'm planning to do a post about them so stay tuned.

update:  Here is the post about where I got those airplane prints.  So cute and so easy to print out.

When the guests arrived, we had them "Check In" and fill out a thank you card envelope.

As the guests left, there was a sign on the back of the front door thanking them for coming....

 ...and a basket of departure snacks including the quintessential airplane food - peanuts.

I hope this little girl is ready to be a big sister because her brother will be here soon.  Can't wait to meet the little fellow.

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