Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Flower Bed Done!

We had this very week infested flower bed on the west side of the patio.  And I have finally tackled it.
Here is what it looked like before:

click below to find out how much better it looks like now.

 Lots of weeds.   Some are already dead because I sprayed them a couple of weeks ago when I started this whole flower bed project.

The first thing I did was to prune that butterfly bush.  I also pruned the rose bush and dug out that dead bush.
Then I transplanted the bush hiding in the back since you couldn't see him anyway.  I moved him over the the patio flower beds where there was some empty space.

The Babes helped:

Here's what it looked like before I added that bush:

and after:

I think it helps to balance things out.

OK, back to that west patio flower bed.  After all the pruning, weeding and digging of bushes was done, it looked like this:

 I also added a couple of hostas to fill in some gaps.
And I sprinkled on a generous portion of Preen to help prevent weeds from growing.

One more before and after:
What a difference.  I am loving it.  Only one more flower bed to go!

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