Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Last Of The Flower Beds

OK, here it is, the final flower bed.
Here is what it looked like before:

 and after:

another after shot:

Before from a different angle:
 and after:

Since this flower bed was small and didn't take all that long to weed and lay down the mulch, I was also able to plant some bushes in the front flower bed to replace the dead ones that were dug out.
Here's a before shot of the flower beds with the bushes still alive, after we just moved in about five years ago:

The two bushes on the ends grew twice as tall and started leaning over the sidewalk.  Finally they died after one was ripped out of the ground during a storm. 

Here is how it looked after we dug them out:

I bought a little, and I do mean little, Dwarf Albeta Spruce tree.  I didn't want anything that was going to grow 6 feet tall like the last tree since I didn't want it to lean toward the sidewalk again.  It was only $3.98 at Lowes. 
 I knew it looked small, but didn't realize how small it would look once I planted it.
Can you even see them planted in the after shot below?
 Here's a closer look:
 They will grow and in another year or two will look perfect for that spot.

Now all I have to do are some finishing touches like weeding again, and putting on a final top layer of mulch everywhere since I do have a lot of mulch left.  Then I'll be back with the big reveal.