Monday, May 21, 2012

Yard Work Attire, A Tire, I'm Tired

In case you are wondering what I wear when I do my yard work, here's my yard work attire:

Rubber boots so they can easily be cleaned of dirt and grass:
 I bought these several years ago before rain boots were all the rage and there were lots of styles.  I think I got these online from Walmart and this was the cutest style they had.
I wear two layers of gloves. First are some latex gloves.  These ensures that my hands stay clean inside the thick leather gloves I wear over top.
 That way if I need to rush into the house or tend to the Babes, I can just take of the gloves and my hands are totally clean. 

Sometimes the Babes helps out, but most of my yard work happens while she's napping.

OK, I really thought I'd have this flower bed project completed by now.  However, my project has come to a halt for a few days since this happened to the tire of our wheel barrel:

Yeah, it's totally flat.  I pumped it up and tried to use it but it quickly went flat again.  The tube inside it is busted.  I don't know how to fix that or what kind of tube to buy so I had to wait on Kevin to fix it.  He finally found the time to work on it this weekend, he just patched the tube.  So I should be able to finish the flower beds this week.  And I'll do the big reveal with a before and after of each of the 11, yes 11 flower beds/areas.  It's taken me nearly a month to get this project done but the yard is looking so  much better.  I just hope I can maintain it.

Because I've already been seeing these:
Can you see what's starting to pop up?

And some more are over here too:
 But these weeds have a protector:

 So you can say I am getting tired of this project even before it's completed.  It seems like it will be never ending but as long as I commit to doing a little each day or week, I should be able to maintain it. 

Anyone else almost near the end of a big project, or a project that took way longer than expected?