Monday, July 16, 2012

Hanging Pictures With Ribbons and Bows

Last week, I told you I had a few more things to do in Sweetie Pie's room.
Here's how the wall behind her bed used to look:

She had these two pictures sitting on top of her dresser and I wanted to free up some dresser space, so I thought I'd hang them on the wall with the white frames to the left of her bed.
To bring in some of the hot pink color from her new and improved reading corner, I thought I'd spray paint those two frames hot pink.
Well, it was the wrong shade of pink and I hated it.  So they ended up getting several coats of white spray paint to cover up the pink.  

But I still wanted to bring in a touch of pink.  So I decided to use ribbon tied into bows and hang the frames from them.   I got the inspiration from HERE.  I just tied the ribbon into a bow and staple gunned it to the back of the frames.  

 I still hung the frames up with a nail as usual, but used sticky tack to stick the bows to the wall making it look like the bows are holding the frames up. 

This was  a quick and easy way to bring some color to her room.

 I hope to add some more pictures and continue to bring in the bright pink color.  I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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