Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Store Ideas to DIY

Finally figured out how to get the pictures from my phone onto my computer.   I didn't have a SIM card in it so it was harder to do than I thought.  I mentioned in THIS post that I took some pictures with my new smart phone while I was at a Hobby Lobby, thinking that one day I could DIY some of the ideas.     

I love the patterned artwork.  I bet scrapbook paper or fabric modge podged to canvases could achieve this effect.  Or if you were really crafty you could stencil or paint the designs onto canvas or foam core.
This would be great to coordinate in a kids room or play room.  All the patterns and bright colors just look so fun.
I must have had a thing for patterns that day.  These Chevron and patterned frames caught my eye.  These seem easy.  Just get a piece of wood and paint it the pattern you want, then glue a frame to the middle.  This gives me an idea for the Spencinator's room.

More patterns.  Just frame a piece of fabric or scrapbook paper.  Love how the matte is a contrasting pattern.

And here's a cute barrette holder.  Hobby Lobby was selling this for $15.99.

I know I've seen a DIY version of this before on someone's blog, but couldn't find it.
I did find some on Pinterest HERE.  I love how you can design the colors to match the rooms color scheme.
This would be so cute in a little girl's room.

Anyone else like to peruse craft and home decor stores to get DIY ideas?  Of course you don't even need to go to the store, that's what Pinterest is for, right?  So what ideas have you copied or want to copy?  Feel free to post the links to your blog or Pinterest ideas in the comments.

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