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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Costumes of Years Past

Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to hit us later today, so if I don't have any posts up for a while, it's because our power is out.  We should fare OK in this storm.  We feel prepared.  We have lots of food, water, batteries charged, gas for our generator, and our outside stuff has been brought in or packed tightly against the house.

Good luck to all who will be riding out this storm.

And now onto the Halloween costumes the kids have worn over the years.
Starting with the Spencinator at 10 months, back in 2003.  We didn't go out but dressed him as a cute little pumpkin anyway.

In 2004 Sweetie Pie was just born a month earlier and I don't have any Halloween pictures so I'm guessing we didn't dress up.

Here they are in 2005 as Minnie Mouse and Thomas the Tank Engine. (ages 1 and almost 3)

And in 2006 we have Thomas again and Big Bird.  (ages almost 4 and 2)

In 2007 the Spencinator dressed up as Thomas for the third year in a row.  He really loved Thomas.  Sweetie Pie is Ariel the mermaid.   (ages almost 5 and 3)  

In 2008 we have the dark Spiderman and Ariel the mermaid again.  (ages almost 6 and 4)

In 2009 we had  a couple of Halloween activities so the kids got to dress in a couple different costumes.
Here Sweetie Pie is dressed as Rapunzel.  We used ribbon to make her have long Rapunzel hair
The Spiderman costume still fit from last year, and we also have Tinkerbell.  (ages 5 and almost 7)
 Even though they weren't allowed to wear costumes to school, that didn't mean they couldn't look festive.  Even I dressed up.
 Another trick or treat night and another change of costumes.  This time they were Buzz Lightyear and Sleeping Beauty.

In 2010 the Babes joined in on the Halloween fun.  She's dressed as a pumpkin, while Sweetie Pie is a bride and the Spencinator is the dark Spiderman for the third year in a row.  What can I say, when he likes a costume, he wears it as long as he can.   (ages 6, 1 month, and almost 8)
Once again they got to dress up in different costumes for another Halloween event.  We have a Star Wars Clone Trooper, our little pumpkin, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

In 2011 we used the pumpkin theme again.  Recognize that bib from the 2003 picture.  It's an easy way to turn an everyday outfit into a Halloween costume.
2011 Trick or Treat night, we have Darth Vader, a cheetah and a witch.   (ages almost 9, 1 and 7)

And here are their costumes for this year, 2012: we have a SWAT team member, Snow White, and a Monarch butterfly.  (ages almost 10, 2 and 8)

I'm thinking we probably won't be trick or treating on October 31st this year due to the rain, so it's a good thing we got some Halloween activities in last week.  Last Wednesday our church had their Trunk or Treat, and Saturday we had a Halloween activity in town.

 The Babes got to make a costume change for the local Halloween event.  Here she is as a Dalmatian puppy  in the costume contest.

The Spencinator helped her wit the egg hunt.  There were also lots of crafts to make, but I didn't take any pictures of that.  

Here's Sweetie Pie in her costume parade.
The Spencinator doesn't do well with loosing, so he decided not to participate in the costume contest, just in case he lost.  I guess he knows what he can handle and that's one way to deal with it.

He did take part in the egg hunt.  The egg hunt for the older kids was hard.  They didn't rake the leaves and eggs were hidden underneath.

Then we went to the store to pick up a few things.  Not because of the storm, but just to do some regular shopping.  Here is a look at the bread shelves.  A couple of loaves of Rye and Pumpernickel  were all that were left.

Happy Halloween!

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