Friday, October 26, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend - 41 (Halloween Desserts)

On Fridays I like to share something "inspirational".  This time it's also something delicious.

I've been seeing lots of Halloween themed desserts and treats on Pinterest, and being the dessert loving gal that I am, I've been dying to make some.  I've only gotten around to making one so far, the candy corn pudding.  I got the idea HERE, from Yellow Origami Bird.


 I just used a vanilla pudding box mix, and made it according to the directions.  I split the pudding mix in half and added two drops of red food coloring and two drops of yellow food coloring to one half.  So now I had an orange pudding and a yellow pudding.  I should have looked at the example more closely because my colors are not in candy corn order.  The kids didn't notice and it tasted great anyway.  I layered the pudding into the bowls and topped with whipped cream.  It was easy to make and looked neat. 

You could even make this for a Thanksgiving treat too.

Here are some other Halloween desserts and treats that I've found

This looks like a fun way to re-use the Easter eggs.  Cover them in orange crepe paper and fill with candy.  You could also have a Halloween egg hunt.

Here are two neat cakes from "Sprinkles and Grins" that look simple enough to make.  With my cake decorating skills (or lack there of), it has to be simple or the kids will wonder what it's supposed to be.
(10/29/2012 update:  I did make the spider and Frankenstein cakes, you can check that out HERE.)

Another Frankenstein dessert.  This would be cute to make for a party and have the kids draw on the faces.

These treats would be cute to hand out to classmates:

I actually made something similar to these for our Trunk or Treat activity a couple of days ago.

Another witch themed treat - broomsticks

These cupcakes look like another easy to make dessert.

What Halloween treats and desserts have you made?

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