Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Picture Pefrect Fit for kid's artwork

Sweetie Pie made this cherry blossom artwork in first grade.  I liked it so much that I've hung it in our kitchen since she brought it home.  I'm not so sure that I'd have displayed it had it not matched our kitchen colors perfectly.


Well, it's been hanging up by a paper clip for over a year.  

All that picture hanging I've been doing, got me to thinking that it might be nice to find a frame for this.  You know, to make it more permanent looking.

I thought maybe I could use one of the frames in our stairway.  But both were a bit too short, one was too narrow and the other a bit too wide.  So I'd have to cut the artwork to make it fit and possibly make a mat for it.  Seemed like too much work.  And besides, if I used one of these frames, I'd have to find something to hang in it's place.

So I decided to check my stash of frames in the basement.

I found this frame that used to be in our old house.  We had a bunch of photos of our ancestors printed out and displayed in our old home's mudroom.  Since being in this house, we haven't found a place for them and they've been stored in the basement.  Perhaps I'll make a scrapbook of our ancestor's photos one day since I don't see us hanging up the dozen or so frames full of old family photos in this house.

I took out the collage and placed the cherry blossom art in the frame.  It fit perfectly, and I do mean perfectly.  I didn't have to cut anything and there was no extra space on the edges.  It's like the frame was made for her artwork.

So I hung it up.  I know, I know it's too low.  I'm waiting to get the hubby's approval before I put another hole further up in the wall.  And I'm thinking of painting or staining the frame since the light wood doesn't match the cabinets.

I definitely like it better framed.  I think a darker frame would really make the branches stand out too.

How do you display your kid's artwork?

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