Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Picture Rearranging

I mentioned about rearranging pictures in the hallway in an earlier post and now I'm here to tell you about it.
That is unless you've had your fill of hearing about my picture hanging and rearranging stories.  If that's the case, check back tomorrow where I'll be writing about something different.

We had three frames on one wall of our upstairs hallway.  Basically we needed something to go there and that's what we had.  I hadn't thought about them much until I got in my picture hanging mood last week.  I decided these three frames looked too small for the space and wanted to hang up one of the larger prints that my mother in law had stored at our house.

I was so excited to put up a different picture that I neglected to take a proper before shot.

Here is a picture of the upstairs hallway looking from the front door at Christmas time:

You can see how the frames look too small and one larger piece of artwork might look better.

And here is a closer up view with my husband and daughter in the way:

I had been wanting to do this:

but haven't gotten a good enough picture of the kids to have blown up.

So instead of having a huge picture of my kids in the hallway, we'll have some landscape instead.  I haven't ruled out getting a huge print of my kids made, it will just have to go somewhere else.

My mother in law had two large landscapes for me to choose from.  I just hung up each picture on the existing nails to get a feel for which one I liked best.

I took pictures of each from the hallway view and from the front door view:

I finally decided on the larger one since it seemed to fill the space better and I like how the blues/purples play off the abstract farmland picture in the foyer.  I also thought the gray matted picture was too dark and the landscape was too orange.  It just didn't seem to go as well with the colors around there.  After deciding on the right one, I repositioned the nails to hang the picture a little higher.  I wanted the bottom of the picture to be about even or a little above the light switch.

So what do you think, did I make the right choice?

As for the three frames that were in that spot, well, I've relocated two of them to our breakfast room that we're turning into a playroom:

I've made a couple of other changes to the playroom and it's looking quite cozy in there.  I'll have to share those details next week.

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