Monday, January 14, 2013

Rearranging Pictures

I've mentioned before how I like to rearrange furniture.  This desire to change things around extends to pictures as well, although it usually only happens when we get a new picture.

Last week, I posted about getting a new family picture and trying to find a place for it.  I wanted to hang it in our gallery wall in the living room but wasn't sure the black frame looked good with all the wood tones.

I temporarily had it over the fireplace, but didn't think it would stay there.

I just kept thinking it should be the focal point of the gallery wall.

Here is where I finally decided to hang our family portrait.

One again I had Sweetie Pie take a picture while I held up the pictures so I could visualize their placement before adding new holes to the wall.  (The picture in the top center is already covering up 4 holes.)

I plan to eventually add a picture or two to the right of the gallery pictures and to the left of the large landscape picture which is all the way to the right.  I also need to add something underneath the shelf on the right, but that will happen later.  For now, I'm happy with this new arrangement.

Trying to find a place for our new family picture got me in a picture hanging mood.  Last week I showed you how I cozied up one of the corners in our living room by adding two pictures.
 Well, I also found a place for this painting that I like:

When my mother in law moved in with us, she brought some of her pictures.  I loved this painting but it was too big to go in the living room, hallway, or kitchen, so it's been packed away.  Last week, I decided to see how it looked in the office.  The colors work in there and  I think it coordinates with the rugs and abstract art hanging in the foyer (that I always thought had a farmland look to it).

Here it is in the office hung on the existing picture hanger.  I know it needs to be moved up higher.  I'll get around to it.  I'm just glad to have finally found a place for this beautiful painting.

The picture below that was in our office, has been moved to our master bedroom.

You see, I had been looking for something long and narrow to hang above our bed.
I know our headboard is tall, but it just looks like there needs to be something more on that wall.

Sweetie Pie helped me out by taking a picture of me holding up the frame to see if I really liked it there.  Sometimes it's hard to visualize these things, so looking at them in photos makes it easier for me.

She also said it looked like I didn't have a head in that picture, but I was just looking down so I wouldn't block the picture frame.

Yes, I do like it on that wall.  It fits nicely there and the rust color of the mat goes with the rust color of our comforter.

Here it is hung up nice and secure.  I used two picture hangers to hold it up, since that is how it was held up in the office.  It's a rather heavy piece of artwork and I didn't want it falling down on us in the middle of the night.  Oh, and I brought our lamps back in.  I had temporarily moved them to the living room to see if I liked the added touch of black in there with the new black frame for our family picture.  They didn't work out in the living room so they are back in our bedroom.

I might add something on either side above our nightstands, but for now I'm done.  Well, done in that room anyway.  I did move into the hallway and rearranged some pictures there too but I'll save that for another post.

Does anyone else rearrange their pictures?  Do you have piles of pictures that need to be hung but not sure where to hang them so they just sit in a pile on the floor?  I'm not the only one who does that, right?

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