Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Over The Rainbow For You

Valentine's Day is tomorrow!

In case you  missed my post where I compiled hundreds of DIY Valentine Card Ideas, you can check it out HERE.  And if you need some ideas of what to serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow, you can check out THIS post.

Tomorrow night we are planning to do a the Trails of Love game like we did last year.  You can read more about that HERE.  Sometimes I think I get more excited than the kids when it comes to celebrating the holidays with all the games, crafts and gifts.

I mentioned in THIS post, that I didn't know what to get my husband for Valentine's Day.  Well, I finally figured something out and made this cute little jar of candy for him yesterday.  I'm going to sneak it into his car so he'll find it on his way to work.

I started with a bag of Skittles, a mason jar with lid and a cute saying that I printed out using Word and glued to the lid.  I got the idea for the saying here.

I separated out the Skittles by color, putting the red right into the mason jar.

Then I added the orange, yellow, green and purple.  The purple's in there, you just can't see it because the lid covers it up.  I should have added less of the other colors so you could see the purple too, but I wasn't about to dump out the candy and start over.

 I thought it looked a little plain so I added another saying that I found here.  I glued that onto some purple card stock and tied that to the jar with some white ribbon.

I also got things together for the Trails of Love activity we'll be doing tomorrow night.
I printed out these cute mazes for each of the kids and added a pencil to them.  Got the idea for the mazes from here.

I also wrapped up their little gifts with the wrapping paper I got at an after Christmas sale.  It's red with peace signs and hearts, so I thought it was more appropriate for Valentine's Day than Christmas anyway.

What are you doing to get ready for Valentine's Day?

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