Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Valentine's Day recap and a FAIL

I thought I'd recap our Valentine's Day adventures for anyone whose interested.  Overall it was a fun day both at school and at home.  I'll get to the FAIL part at the end.

Just like she did last year, Sweetie Pie wore her hair like a heart. 

Oh, and you can check out last year's Valentine's Day recap post HERE.  Just in case you are curious. 

Last year (and the year before), I did a little trails of love game for the kids to find their gifts.  This year I just wrapped them and gave them their gift at dinner.  As for what I got them, it's just something small.  This year it was books.  The fashion design book was a big hit with Sweetie Pie and she's been designing outfits ever since she got it.

We had a semi romantic dinner, eating in the dining room rather than at our usual spot at the kitchen island.  I cooked a stir fry for Kevin and I, but since I knew the kids wouldn't eat that, I made them chicken patties and cut them out to look like hearts.

At school, the kids each had a little Valentine's party.  Sweetie Pie got some valentines that I thought were really clever.

She also had to decorate a box to hold all her valentines in.  She decided she wanted a pop tart box taped to the front of a cereal box so it would be more interesting.  She just covered the whole thing with duct tape.  That girl loves her some duct tape.

The Spencinator made a valentine basket in class.  It looks like it's made out of two giant hearts stapled together and a handle added to the top.

OK, so here's the FAIL part of this post.

I kept asking the Spencinator if his class was doing anything for Valentine's Day.  I didn't get an email from his teacher with a list of the kids names for creating valentines, there wasn't a paper sent home and there wasn't anything about valentines on the teacher's website.  The Spencinator said  the teacher never said anything about valentines.  I thought I should email the teacher to ask, but that's all I ever did was think about it.  I never got around to emailing the teacher and just figured that he's in 5th grade now, maybe they don't do valentines anymore.  They are getting older and more mature, right?

Well, I was wrong.  They did pass out valentines and had a little party.  So while the Spencinator got lots of valentines with candy or other little gifts attached like a pencil, he had none to give out.  The Spencinator told me all about it when he got home as well as mentioning that he forgot to bring home the paper which would have let me know about it.  Please tell me I'm not the only one this has happened too.  Luckily the Spencinator took it all in stride and didn't really care.  

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